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Due to HON's relationship with MH Equipment, Central Region Warehouse's lift truck uptime has increase by nearly 50 percent. In addition, the Central Region Warehouse's Fortis lift truck fleet has shown a 50 percent reduction in cost per runtime hour. To read the full case study, click here.

In sales, persistence pays off. Just ask Hersh Atkinson, account rep at the Columbus, Ohio branch of MH Equipment (Mossville, IL), who had been calling on a large distributor of glass and adhesive products for almost 10 years before finally getting a foot in the door in 2009. "It was a matter of getting the attention of the right people" Atkinson says. "The decision-makers were close-minded about the equipment they had on had and always wanted to stay with the existing vendors. When some new people came on board, they were willing to listen to alternatives." READ MORE