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Reports Manager


The Reports Manager screen handles selecting, setting options for, and downloading of Excel reports. 26 preset report types allow a wide range of analysis of data. Most reports have several user-selectable options. And for those times when very specific reports are needed, two custom report types are included.

Preset Reports

  • Spending
    • Total Cost
    • Monthly Unit Expense Summary
    • Current Year Expenses per Age Group
    • Cost Per Hour
    • Parts Pricing Audit
  • Combination
    • Total Expenses & Rentals
    • Total Expenses, Cost Per Hour, Utilization
  • Maintenance
    • Maintenance Expenses by Asset
    • Maintenance Expenses by Fleet
    • Avoidable Maintenance Expenses by Asset
    • Safety & Environmental
    • 5-Year Projected Expenses
    • Alerts
  • Preventive Maintenance (PMs)
    • Upcoming PMs by Asset
    • Assets by PM Status
    • PM Technician Performance
    • PM Events
  • Usage
    • Utilization
    • Hour Meters by Asset
    • Lease Expiration Schedule by Asset
    • Lease Hour Usage
    • LTM Hour Usage
  • Rentals
    • Equipment Currently on Rent
    • Call-off Scorecard
    • Rental Expense
    • Equipment Rented in last 12 mos

Custom Reports

Do the preset reports not give you exactly the information you need? Build your own, using our two custom reports!

  • Equipment Planning Report
    • Search by any or all of the following parameters:
      • Make
      • Model Year Range
      • Cost Per Hour Range by Date
      • Utilization Range by Date
      • Maintenance Expense by Date
      • Include inactive equipment?
    • Report can include any or all of over 110 data points for each equipment!
  • Custom Maintenance Report
    • Search by any or all of the following parameters:
      • Provider
      • Date Range
      • Total Charges Range
      • Work Order Class
      • Equipment Make
      • Equipment Year Range
      • Include inactive equipment?
    • Report can include any of 50 data points for each work order!