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Work Orders Manager


This screen handles management of work orders. New work orders can be created, edited, deleted, and viewed. Work orders can be “detailed” or “simplified”, depending on the needs of your organization. Detailed work orders contain parts and labor lines, as well as far more detailed information.

Work Order History

This panel is paged and shows the entire work order history for the equipment currently selected in the Equipment Tree, sorted by date descending (most recent at the top). Selecting a work order in this panel will bring up summary information in the panel below. A “New Work Order” button allows for the creation of a new work order. Work orders may be deleted by clicking on the [X] box on the left side of the relevant line. Clicking on this button brings up a confirmation dialogue box, warning the user that he is about to delete a work order and that this action cannot be undone.

Work Order Summary

This panel displays summary information about the work order. More detailed information can be viewed by pressing the "View WO" button above this panel, which brings up the Work Order Editor (see right).

Fleet / Equipment Summary

This panel is identical to the one found on the dashboard, and is placed here for convenience only.

Batch Upload

This panel allows the user to upload a specially-formatted CSV file and create lots of work order records in one operation. The uploaded records will be added beneath the currently selected fleet node.

Documentation, including sample files and instructions for formatting the CSV files, is provided for download.

Work Order Editor

This panel allows manual editing of a single work order. It has two detail levels: simplified and detailed. The user can toggle back-and-forth between these two modes.

Detailed work orders have two pages of data that may be entered, in addition to the parts and labor lines.

Totals for parts, labor, and the grand total are calculated on the fly.

Work orders can be specially-coded as PM, Avoidable, Tires, Brakes, and Other for better tracking of expenses.