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Fleet Management FAQs


My trucks don’t cost me anything—they are already paid for. What can fleet management do for me?

While you may not have any acquisition cost or depreciation if the units are fully depreciated, you do have other costs associated with that unit. These costs are as important, if not more important, in lowering your total cost of ownership. Such costs include parts, labor expense, unscheduled downtime, low utilization, etc.

I have peak demands and need a competitive rental rate. Can you provide cost effective rental trucks that meet my specifications?

Yes. MH Fleet can put together guaranteed rental rates for the models and specifications of the equipment you most often need to rent during peak periods. This can be part of the fleet management agreement. Rates agreed upon can include daily, weekly, and/or monthly rates.

I am looking for a preventative maintenance program. Do you offer one?

Yes. Preventive maintenance is part of any fleet management program. If you are looking only for a preventive maintenance program, such a program can also be provided by MH Fleet.

Our operation works 24/7. Can you provide maintenance coverage?

Yes. MH Fleet will work with you on determining whether coverage needs to be technicians on site 24/7, or just during a particular shift(s) with an emergency contact number for the remaining shift(s).

I need reports that show avoidable damage, hours used, for informed decision making on my fleet. Can you provide such information if managing my fleet?

Not a problem. MH Fleet provides reports that show avoidable damage summary totals by equipment number, types of avoidable damage repairs categorized for analysis, detail of avoidable damage repairs for a specific unit—all organized by the department, building, location, etc. as needed by you. This data can be for the life of the equipment to date, or just for certain time periods. It is important for both the customer and fleet manager to track such information so that such cost can be driven down by process changes, specification changes, offering training to operators, etc. All such costs need to be measured so they can be controlled and reduced. MH Fleet can provide various types of customized reports.

Is fleet management only about maintenance? My OEM current provider does the work on my trucks. What’s different about this?

Fleet management is not just about maintenance, as that is just one piece of the cost of owning a lift truck. It is about the total cost of ownership on a unit, the entire cost mountain if you will, and driving that number to its lowest. MH Fleet will work with you on effective utilization of your fleet, controlling and reduction of avoidable damage costs, reducing your administrative costs, decreasing unscheduled downtime, etc.

I have a parts inventory. What do I do with it under a MH Fleet Management program?

There are a few options. MH Fleet can do an inventory of your parts and (based on the age, condition, and quality), make an offer to purchase them and eliminate inventory carrying costs. Another option is that the inventory remains owned by your company and is used by the MH Fleet technicians when servicing the equipment as needed. Then you are not charged for parts on the repairs, only labor. The important thing to remember is that MH Fleet Fleet Management Programs are tailored to meet your company’s needs in the most cost effective manner.

Can fleet management help me manage downtime and increase productivity?

Yes. MH Fleet will help you correctly match equipment specifications with your application, and as needed will replace old equipment with productive and reliable new equipment, create a backup and/or short-term rental plan to meet your up-time needs, add/remove equipment, and accelerate replacement cycles. The key to downtime is that it becomes scheduled downtime (i.e. preventive maintenance) which works towards little or no unscheduled downtime.

I have a lot of different makes/models of equipment. Can MH Fleet still give me a fleet management program?

Absolutely. MH Fleet technicians are experts in servicing all types and makes of lift trucks and material handling equipment.

I only have a few pieces of equipment. I don’t have a “fleet”. Will fleet management really do anything for me?

Definitely. Whether you own 1 truck or 1,000, fleet management is a tool to drive lowest total ownership cost.