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Why Choose MH Fleet?


MH Fleet Solutions is a leader in the material handling industry, helping our customers streamline and improve their material handling fleet processes. At MH Fleet we strive to serve our customers by being consultative in nature, transparent in practice, and passionate for being a good steward of their resources.

Utilizing our 5-step Fleet Management Process, MH Fleet will conduct a comprehensive fleet analysis in order to identify areas to improve efficiency and productivity including offering suggestions to properly size, configure, maintain, and manage your material handling equipment fleet. Through a schedule of maintenance and timely fleet replacement, you’ll have a material handling fleet you need to meet evolving business needs.

Our 5-Step Process:

STEPS 1 and 2: Survey & Analyze

During the Survey & Analyze steps, our MH Fleet team will visit each of your facilities and perform a full fleet audit in order to gain a comprehensive overview of your material handling operations. We will then analyze our findings to identify your cost savings opportunities!

This includes:

  • Pinpointing the components of your fleet and their location.
  • Establishing how well the fleet is being utilized and the hourly operating cost.
  • Discovering the genuine application requirements for each location.
  • Understanding and planning forklift or lift truck vehicle utilization.
  • Identifing the most suitable service programs by vehicle.
  • Planning procurement procedures and potential national account purchasing.

STEP 3: Propose

Following the full fleet audit and analysis, MH Fleet will sit down with you for a discussion on cost-reduction recommendations that will reduce your material handing costs – guaranteed!

We will:

  • Offer guidance for determining the proper size fleet for each location.
  • Specify the proper types of vehicles that should be at each location based on application needs.
  • Determine what other savings could be generated with our solutions.

STEP 4: Implement

By customizing a fleet management solution to match your operational needs we are able to generate the greatest savings for your operations. MH Fleet will work with your operations team to adopt the recommended Fleet Management solutions including training on our MH Fleet software solution!

We will also:

  • Gather data by location by identifying each unit with a serial number and hour meter.
  • Load information into the system.
  • Install an invoice processing system to ensure that all costs of ownership are properly allocated to each vehicle and verify that all services that occur are necessary.
  • Train appropriate personnel on how to use system.

STEP 5: Monitor & Measure

After Implementation, MH Fleet will regularly track each piece of equipment’s cost per hour, utilization rate, and possible application changes. All fleet data is entered into our MH Fleet software to give you real-time information on asset inventory, asset cost per hour, asset expenses, usage, PM reminders, and a host of management reports.

This allows you to:

  • Reduce maintenance and operating costs.
  • Provide more effective long range capital planning.
  • Manage OSHA regulations and documentation.

Other Distinctives

Personalized Service

As part of our Fleet Management service, MH Fleet Solutions offers a dedicated account representative, available to answer questions and handle issues that arise at anytime. Your MH Fleet Solutions Fleet Management representative is trained in all aspects of cost control, data management, and fleet reporting, which may lead to worry-free ease of ownership, quantifiable cost reductions, and improved equipment performance.

MH Fleet Solutions also has a vast geography of locations throughout the Midwest to serve accounts with multiple locations. This offers consistent fleet procedures, labor rates, parts pricing, and policies to every MH Fleet Solutions Fleet Management account, wherever they may be.

Dedicated Software

In addition to MH Fleet Solutions proven 5-step fleet management process, MH Management Software from MH Fleet Solutions can help businesses manage fleet maintenance, control operational costs, manage assets and much more. Our comprehensive forklift fleet optimization tool, with an intuitive user interface, gives fleet managers the flexibility to control all MH Fleet-monitored assets quickly and easily.

With the ability to deliver insightful reports, reveal trends to help reduce costs as well as assist with employee management, the MH Fleet software is an invaluable resource to any material handing fleet.


By combining Fleet Management services from MH Fleet Solutions as well as utilizing our New MH Fleet Management Software, you are on your way to reducing the costs and time associated with your material handling fleet!

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